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Business Protection

In business life, as in daily life, unexpected events can and do occur. Business owners can be temporarily or permanently taken out of action as a result of sickness, accident, major health traumas (such as heart attack, heart disease, stroke and cancer) and premature death.

Business interruption from these causes can be short term, prolonged or permanent, and can range from incidental to serious. There are many stakeholders interested in the business as an ongoing concern including suppliers, staff, clients, creditors and family, so the effects can magnify.

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Every owner has a unique set of requirements and potential challenges to consider. Business insurance needs to be carefully crafted to ensure the right strategy and the right level of cover. As a guide, business owners should consider:

  • life cover

  • trauma cover

  • total and permanent disablement cover

  • income protection cover

  • business expenses insurance

  • buy/sell agreements

  • group insurance.

We can discuss wealth protection options for your business and tailor specific strategies to help you manage the risks and safeguard your business from unexpected events.

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